Smart Classes

Today our fast growth of technology. Its helps to growth our economic . Its effects all sector to growth smoothly.similarly, This technology also effects to the Education system. Technology gives new vision of Learning and listening in Education system.

Technology change the way of learning and listening. This technology has know as Smart Classes in Education system . Learning is not how much one can cramp up. It’s rather the knowledge that remains after one forgets what he/she learned in schools. Thus we emphasise on learning the concepts with the help visuals and activities. To keep such view the smart learning was introduced.  The Smart Learning approach provides learners of all ages and walks of life with a framework and a host of Smart Thinking Tools that motivate higher levels of understanding. Through the process learners activate and build background knowledge, process information, transform their learning into a product that shows what they know, and reflect on their learning. Structured talk and assessment as and for learning are carefully woven into the process to build a thoughtful context for learning and to advance the thinking of all learners. Smart Learning realises the goals of inclusivity and differentiation.

Smart classes obviously cannot guarantee to make a kid smart, but it surely gives a better and dynamic ambiance to the student to learn in a smart way. Learning is fun when subjects are interesting, and smart classes are doing well in creating interest of a student in the particular subject, which the kid used to hate the most.

Beneficial facts about Smart Classes:

  • Flexibility in learning: A lot can happen over a smart board. Children can study in different forms of media. They get illustrations via photos, maps, graphs, regular and animated videos. Different minds have different preferences so they learn according to it.
  • Advanced teaching and learning experience:Advanced technology not only enhances the learning experience but also gives an interesting platform to the teachers. Information is easy to grab with visual effects and dynamic perspective.
  • Connects well with more interaction: Smart classes provide an interactive atmosphere which results in more transparency between teachers and students. This helps in establishing a connection, so that students can easily express through touching, writing and drawing.
  • Access to online resources: The best part of smart classes is that, here everything is synchronised. Essential gadgets and projectors are synchronised among themselves and they all are again connected to internet. So, at every step, availability of solutions is high with the help of web.
  • Environment friendly: Emphasizing more on e-learning, we not only get dynamic information but also are stepping towards green learning. Here, everybody is compatible with notebooks and tablets. Hence, the use of paper is almost negligible. Phenomenon like writing with pen or pencil, photocopying and printouts are rarely seen.






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